Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, um...,BTW, you know your brand new air conditioner?

Well it's broken.  Yes, that's right, broken.  Fortunately, we've had an unusually cool and comfy summer with something like four days of actual summer and that was maybe a month ago. (in a "funny" sort of coincidence, those 90-95 degree, 90% humidity days were when the OLD air conditioner gave up its valiant fight with old age) Now, we're supposed to have increasingly warmer days this week, potentially reaching the mid 90's.  It will be the first opportunity we've had to REALLY test the new a/c...but when I came home last night it was a very humid 76 degrees in the house and rising! The unit outside was making some crazy noise and nice warm air was pouring out of the vents!  I said, "Oh, SNOT!" (Yes, I did! and some other stuff, too.) So, we called the a/c guy and he graciously (insert note of sarcasm here) "put us on the list." Maybe I'll snap some pics of him and do a layout...

Interestingly, the a/c is out in my van, too (sigh).

Anyway, all complaining aside, I am truly grateful that this summer has been unusually and abnormally cool AND dry. I'm a complete slug in the the heat and with my allergies/asthma issues, humidity is a killer!

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