Friday, June 25, 2010

My latest two layouts and travelling news

The hub and the two youngest girls and I traveled to Indianapolis today. I was so busy with crazy last minute problems I could barely get packed.  Child three had a phone that mysteriously stopped functioning and I spent at least an hour fiddling with it and holding for a customer service rep. Child two is at camp and somehow the screen on HIS phone got wet and he can't see to read my text messages. (or his girlfriend's which seems to be the bigger issue.) Child four spent the day swimming with a friend and was, consequently, not packed. At the last moment she thought of her mp3 player, but, somehow, a toothbrush and underwear were not a concern. At any rate, we got here and whatever didn't make it is stuck at home.

Tomorrow we are spending the day at a water park and the evening at a baseball game. It should be a whirlwind day!

I haven't posted any layouts in a long time. Here are the two latest one's I have done.      

This is Child number one.  This is a mini kit I created (see earlier post) with some odds and ends from other kits from DSO's January 2010 color challenge.

Also Child number one with her best friends before prom.  This template is from Modern June.

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