Monday, November 29, 2010

Hard Drive Crash and Cheer Layout

Yes, you read it correctly.  Another hard drive crash! Only this time it was my external that I bought to protect my stuff after my laptop drive crashed.  So that's not so bad, right? I should be able to download a copy of everything from my laptop.  Well, that's what happens to normal people.  STUPID people don't have everything on both drives.

I had put everything I was burning to CD for permanent storage into a folder and was ready to burn them when I got distracted by, and didn't burn it.  But, I DID delete the extra copy off my laptop to make more space.  Normally I wouldn't have done that till the CD's were done, but I was in a hurry and I didn't expect the drive to fail two days later.  Of course, who ever expects a drive failure?  Sigh.  So I lost all my scrap stuff again.  All my designing goodies and a lot of stuff I had just bought to use, too!  Also lost a bunch of layouts.  I was only distressed over a few of them, and I rebuilt them.  They aren't exactly the same, but they look pretty good.  So, live an learn, right?  I now subscribe to an online backup service that automatically syncs my files.  So there!  Gees, what is it with me and hard drives?  I must give off some kind of magnetic field that fries them or something.

Anyway, I'm back in business and here's my first layout for a while.  This is of McKenzie cheering at a couple football games.  I did this using the template for Jen Reed's November challenge.

Here's the template:
And here's the cutest little kit called Cherish that was that prize for playing in the challenge:
And here's my layout.  It's actually a double page so check 'em both out!

So, there ya go.  I hope to get something accomplished now that I've ironed out my hard drive issues!

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  1. Love the layout Debbi! Thanks so much for playing my challenge.