Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lotsa New Stuff

So, I haven't posted for a while and there's a lot to catch up on!  So grab a cup o' coffee and here we go...

Child #1 is coming to the end of her second semester in college.  She's doing SO well, I can hardly believe it.  She was able to get an accounting internship at a local business and really enjoys it...she's especially taken with the laminating machine.  It's a good day when she comes home and says she had to laminate that day :)

Child #2 is also doing well in school.  His grades are better in 11th grade than they have been since 5th grade. I think spending the summer in the kitchen at the boy scout camp had a good effect on his motivation.  He's grown a little in maturity level, too, so I'm sure that helps.  His room is still a wreck and I don't guess that will ever change, LoL.

Child #3 is turning out to be just lovely.  She is beautiful and sweet.  She is doing well in school, but she always has for the most part.  She just refuses to do poorly.  This was her second year cheering for the junior high school and I think she loves it and it shows.  Her whole squad is really good; they're crisp and they get made fun of by other schools because they sound like "drill sergeants." A lot of the others sound squeaky and sing-songy in comparison.  She's nervous and excited about moving to high school next, too. :)

Child #4 continues to be a delight.  She is in 6th grade and we are SO pleased with her progress.  She is organizing all her own school work.  I kept telling her the last couple years that if she doesn't like being told what to do, then take care of her own business and I'll keep my nose out of it!  I think she finally got it!  I just check on her grades online every little bit and, unless something is slipping, I leave her alone.  I figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  She's growing up and wanting to be all girly, so our life is now full of clouds of perfume wafting from her bedroom, Justin Beiber on every wall and a whole new set of worries...boys, LoL.

This weekend we went shopping in Indianapolis.  Boy stayed home...he doesn't dig shopping so much.  When I see something I think he needs or he'd like and it's a good deal, I snap a pic and send it to him and he tells me what he thinks....I guess, I'm his personal shopper!  The girls, on the other hand, had a blast at the mall for four hours and wanted more time.  We were eating dinner with the Hub's sister, though, so we had to leave, thank goodness!  I was worn out by that time and it was HOT in there because it was way crowded.

We had thought Child #3 might not feel great and we'd have to cut the trip short, but she was perfectly fine.  She had the best time of the three girls, I think!  She picked an entire outfit, skirt, top, leggings and shoes, by the time she was done.  I don't think she stopped talking for more than five minutes the whole trip!  She was all giggles and squeals all day!  She didn't mention not feeling well one time and I was really glad to see that she wasn't really sick.

Anyway, I have a few layouts to post.  I've just been lazy about getting them up so I'm going to dump them all at once.  Hope you like them.

Kit: November 2010 blog freebie from Chaos Lounge...not sure where I got the red paper, but it looks like one from Hellraiser by Sunshine Studios.  Yes, I think that's it...It has glittery cross bones on it, but they wouldn't show in this layout much anyway ;)

Kit: July 2007 Summer Getaway Build a Kit from Digiscrapbook Mania (now Scrapable)

Kit: The Altered Path blog freebie from The Latests Scoop, Too

Kit: The Altered Path blog freebie from The Latest Scoop, Too

Kit: Just Me blog freebie from Amy Stoffel

Kit: September 2010 Build a Kit from Digiscrapbook Mania (now Scrapable)

Kit for both Morgan and her Birthday: Makin' it Funky from Designs by Christi at Stuff to Scrap

Kit: October 2010 Build a Kit from Digiscrapbook Mania (now Scrapable)

I don't know where I got the cluster frame, it was a blog freebie, I think. The alpha was a Jelly of the Month Freebie by Libby Pritchett at Sweet Shoppe Designs.

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