Thursday, March 24, 2011

Presenting the Beautiful Miss McKenzie....

Here are three more layouts I did of Miss Mac. From her sweet little freckled nose to her precious heart, she's turning out to be a lovely young lady.  She's the encourager of the family.  She's always cheering someone on!  She comes home and tells me how upset she was at school that someone was picked on, or got hurt.  She feels everything deep in her heart, but she doesn't say a lot.  She ponders everything and stores things away in her heart. She's smart as a whip and so funny!  Just her giggling makes me laugh.  She's away for spring break right now, and I miss her.  The house is darker without her.

This one is of some silly pics I snapped at her school Valentine's party.  I'm the only mom with a camera, so she gets a little uncomfortable with me always taking her picture...but those other kids just aren't as interesting as she is! Click the pic for a larger view.
 Kit: February 2010 Color Challenge at DSO: Specifically Tiggconn, Mojo, Moni, Kim B, Deatles, dhariana, Blue, Brenda Grafton...Thanks to all these designers!  And thanks to the Daily Digi for help with titles

This one is also Valentine's Day.  I got some other people in these, LoL.  The journaling tells you that this is the last class party.  Next year, in Junior High, they don't do class parties anymore.  Also, this was Taylor's last day at school. She moved that weekend and they were very sad.  It's been a difficult time for Mac.
 Kit: Same as above.  You guys ROCK!

This is of McKenzie and my sister's Yorkie, Shelby.  Shelby is the cutest little rat in the whole world! She's a real love bug and wallows and rubs all over you, sometimes so much it's hard to hold on to her.  She is in to everything and knows everything.  She barks at things like she's really telling them off then acts like, "Well, I guess I showed them." She really cracked me up!  McKenzie thinks all things small are cute, She's such a GIRL! :)
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