Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ice Cream and New Bikes

Today was a typical Sunday. For some reason, Sunday is always a free-for-all at my house.  We got up late for church, which actually isn't so unusual, but we had a friend staying all night so I had to get creative in my hurry up incentives instead of just relying on screaming like I usually do, LoL.

After church we usually go to lunch, and today the hub decided he'd like to eat at a very nice local Mexican restaurant, so that's where we went.  Anyone who eats out with me very often knows I tend to have one dish in every restaurant that I order every time I'm there. Consequently, I hate it when they change their menu. (I'm stilled really ticked off that Red Lobster removed Aztec Chicken from their menu and won't go in there. That'll show 'em.) I don't know what made me decide to alter from my nice safe choice of #28, but I chose to live dangerously and forge a new culinary path today. Since I ate three pieces of coffee cake in Sunday School (gasp), I thought I would have a salad and eat a little lighter, so I ordered a taco salad.  Wow. It came out and it had taco meat and beans in the bottom swimming in melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole, steamy hot and topped with a handful of lettuce. Needless to say, it was NOT what I expected. I picked through and ate the lettuce and the pastry bowl (which was awesome, I should say) and a little of the meat and beans.  I have paid for it all day, too! It just goes to show ya that ordering the safe stuff you're familiar with is the best course of action!

Then I took a nap (love me a Sunday afternoon nap!) It's just a good way to start the week :) Unfortunately, my family is making choices while I'm sleeping.  So when I woke up, I found out that my 12-year-old had another friend spending the night tonight, even though she has a sports physical scheduled for 8 a.m.  Also, every one has decided they want to attend the church ice cream social (!) tonight, but maybe we won't get ice cream there. We'll stop and get ice cream at our fav place and then go socialize a bit. Well, you know what happened. Ice cream TWICE. Now, I love ice cream, it's like my favorite food ever. So I'm not really complaining about that. :)

Good thing I had me a nap, because I need the extra energy to digest all these calories! Sheesh.

Right now, the girls are out riding bikes, so I have a little peace. Child four got a new bike yesterday, which totally goes against what I told her. I told her we weren't buying her a new bike because she didn't take care of the old one and left it lay in the yard so much it practically rusted to the sidewalk. She hasn't complained, even though she's way outgrown this one, until last week when the chain popped off (for the third time) and locked up the gears and she flew off and boogered up her knee pretty good. It was the first day of cheer leading practice, too! She knelt in the grass like a trooper at practice, though. So, she got a new bike. I guess eventually she had to get a new one anyway.

So, finally, here's my layout of our cabin in Wisconsin. I took these in June while we were there with the family. It was just before sunset ( I LOVE that time for pics) and I took some shots, went down to the dock for a few minutes, then took some more. It was cool to see the change in lighting just maybe two minutes made. The first pictures were good, but the second set was awesome. The light was golden and the greens of the trees and grass were really popping. Gotta love that "magic minute!"

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