Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it still an air conditioner if it doesn't condition air?

I think it should be demoted to "Potted Plant Pedestal".  "Twisted Mass of Wrecked Metal" also comes to mind.  But, then again, I might just be cranky from the humidity, too. ::sigh::

So, we're having another repair service out to poke around.  The last one said it isn't the a/c, it's the electrical. Hmmm, then what's all that white, frosty, foamy stuff on the piping out there? Fairy spit? I figure it should take approximately three weeks to get them out here. I know this because it's going to be the hottest day we've had so far this year with temps above 100 degrees and it's not even August yet. Which means everyone and their brother will need a/c repair. ::sigh::

So, I'll just upload my layout for today and try to nap before it gets hot. Then my boy Swiffer and I will find somewhere to hide this afternoon...assuming the a/c doesn't have mercy and start working.

Here's my baby girl at her graduation.

Kit: Days Gone By from Jensen Motley Crew Designs
Clock from Beautiful Bike Ride by Deatles for KimB's July 2010 Color Challenge.
The polka dot frame and I Love You charm are from Blissful by Jensen Motley Crew Designs, also.

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