Monday, March 5, 2012

Recent Layouts & Tip O' the Day

I have a scrappin' bug again...must be warmer weather or something.  It's been unseasonably warm here in the midwest.  We even had one 65 degree day last week...of course, it SNOWED yesterday, but that's beside the point ;).  The important thing is spring is coming!!

Here are a couple layouts I got done this week using some photos from last year.  I discovered that, since I don't post my layouts right away, I can't remember what kits and pieces I used for the layouts! Sometimes I even use a kit a couple times, decide that's enough and delete it. Then I have no idea what it was or where I got it. Even if I do, it's a real pain to go back and sift through all my scrappin' stuff and find the ones I used for each layout.  Whew, that's work, but I want to give credit to the designers whose work I use.  So, to save myself that issue, I've been leaving myself notes in the file details of the .jpg.  You just right click on the pic of your layout, choose properties, then choose the "details" tab.  There's a "comment" field and you can type the name of the kit, templates and whatever other info you want to remember for later in there.  Then it's right there when I need it!!  Awesome.

So,  that was the TIP O' THE DAY, for ya, LOL!  Here's my pics.

This is McKenzie in Conservation Olympics at Kennekuk Cove County Park.  The county sixth graders compete in nature knowledge and have a blast doing it all day.  Then they tally the points and decide the winner.  This year, McKenzie's class won and her school won overall, too.  Yea!
Kit: Home Tweet Home by B2N2 Scraps from Stuff to
Templates: Connie Prince Endless Love 2 and Endless Love 4

The sixth graders also do a "wax museum". They pick a famous person and make a display.  Then they dress up like that person (or soft of, lol) and pretend to be them for the younger kids.  They come in and ask questions and get autographs.  It's pretty cute.  Mac was Miley Cyrus (go figure).  She was just happy she got to wear high heels!
Kit: Butterflies are Free - Stuff to Scrap - Scraps of Ellay  
(Pink Denim Scrap is from LdyMcBeth-Happiness Is mini)

Thanks for checking out my pics.  Catch ya in the aftermath.  :)

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