Friday, March 23, 2012

Storms, cold toes and a freebie alert

Wow! We just had a line of storms go through that were something else! It was 80 degrees and, suddenly, the wind was whipping in the windows and it felt like it was freezing. I thought, "here we go", because Illinois is like that in the spring.  One minute you're frolicking in the sun and the next you're running for cover! It started pouring so hard the water was cascading over my gutters and pouring through my front windows.  (Which I did NOT appreciate on my new hard wood.) I was trying to tell my son on the phone to make sure my mom's sliding glass door was closed, but the hail was coming down on the metal awning over our patio and it was so loud I had to yell.  My vicious beast of a shih tzu was jumping up and down on my legs like a toddler begging to be picked up and protected from the thunder. About the time the girls and I got all the windows shut and the water cleaned up off the floor, it was over. The sun is shining again now, but I can see some darkness still to the North.  Crazy weather!!  I hate to say it, but since we have had no spring here, it went from 35 to 80+ and stayed there all this week, I'm betting we're going to have a roller coaster all summer long. Sigh.  At least I don't have any babies who are afraid of thunder anymore. I guess that's a bright side.

So, I just popped in to upload a few layouts I just finished with which I am pleased. (<---See that excellent grammar? ::pats self on back::) In case anyone wonders why my layouts are a weird shape, well...they aren't, lol! I do two page layouts, so they're always 12x24.  They split down the middle and make two side by side sheets.  Sometimes they're one layout split down the middle and sometimes they're two layouts that coordinate, but usually they're the same subject. Here are my latest:

Morgan's Graduation
Two Kits: Savoir Faire by Connie Prince from Gotta Pixel 
and Graduation Day by Scraps N Pieces from Stuff to Scrap.
Grandma's BBQ
Kit: July 2010 Summer Getaway BAK from Digiscrap Mania (now
(Miss Mis Designs, JenC Designs, ModernJune, Z Pink Boudoir Designs)

4th of July Fireworks
Kit: American Girly Girl by Jenasis at Stuff to Scrap.  
Template: Boy That's Fun 1 and 2 by Connie Prince at Sweet Shoppe.

Paddleboats 1: Kickapoo
Kit: Digiscrap Obsession May 2011 Color Challenge 
(dhariana, Paula K at Doll's Digitals, KimB, Mojo's Digi Creations, Tiggconn's Scrap Designs, 
Monica Aguirre at 2am Designs, Juno's Place, Sky's the Limit Designs, Willow Grace Designs 
& LdyMcBeth {ME! yay!}) 
Template: Digidesigns by Nicole

Paddleboats 2: Kenzie and Macy
Same as above

That about sums it up.  I've been trying to get through all my left over bits and pieces from last year before I start the summer, which is when I take the most pictures. I'll be way more interested in the new ones when they start rolling in, so I want to get these done.  I'm not sure why these have taken so long, except that they were downloaded from my camera into the wrong folder on the computer so they were temporarily forgotten.  Don't you hate that?  My husband always says something is lost, and I say, "It's not LOST, we just don't know where it is...but it's here SOMEWHERE!" And he hates that, lol. He always says, "That IS the definition of LOST, Deb." Ha ha...but it just isn't....lost means gone. that happens ALL the time around here!  I think I make him crazy sometimes. At least I'm trying. ;)

Now, for the FREEBIE ALERT.  I have a new mini coming out on April 1st for the Stuff to Scrap blog train.  April's theme is "Spring Showers and Lots of Flowers." 

Here's the pallet we all used for our contribution this month.

And HERE is my preview for my part, Violetta. (sssshhh, it's a secret till April Fool's Day!)
So, make sure you come back around on April 1st! There are about 30+ designers who contribute every month and they do fantastic work! I won't know exactly how many there are until March 25, but they'll all be listed right here for you to download.  Yay.

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