Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conference and Competition

For several weeks the Hub and I have been agonizing over a business trip to Orlando.  Neither of us wanted to go...well, that's not true.  I would love to go...fabulous hotel, great food, entertainment...these trips can be a lot of fun if you just ignore the kissing, er...schmoozing and have a good time together.  The last time we were in Orlando we had a wonderful time.  But this is really bad timing.  There's so much going on at home we really needed to stay home.  We finally registered and made arrangements for someone to stay with the kids, but it didn't feel right.  At the last minute we decided to stay home and cancelled all our plans. Then a "big shot" decided the Hub just HAD to be there (add some strong words and arm twisting).  So, in the end, He left this morning and I stayed behind.  He is driving 13 or so hours today and 4 or 5 tomorrow to get there by the noon registration and meet up with the others who flew out yesterday. Poor guy.  Well, I guess there's nothing for it.  It's just the way it is, I suppose.

Child number 4 began mandatory practices for cheer competition today.  The girls know their cheer and dance pretty well, they just have to clean up the little mistakes and get the timing down.  There are still two weeks left and they always shock me at competition.  It's amazing how they sparkle in front of a crowd, the little hams!

Life is good!  Catch y'all later.

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