Monday, October 18, 2010

Small Pieces of You

I was cruising through town a few days ago playing my ipod with my new tune stick (WHY, oh why, didn't someone tell me about this gadget before? This thing is awesome! It's a tiny, little FM transmitter that sends my ipod music to my car radio so I can hear it through my speakers.  Cool, but even cooler is this one has no wires and it's made specially to fit my ipod and only makes it about an inch and a half longer.  Awesome! And I can take it in my bathroom and use it to play through the stereo in there when I take a nice, hot bath...Now, that's a good idea! See you guys later....J/K.)

I digress.  So, anyway, I was cruising through town listening to my ipod when Sara Groves' song A Small Piece of You played.  Oh, my goodness! I was in tears in about three seconds.  I've been thinking a lot lately about how grown up my babies are getting and Jordan will be leaving soon (probably with me hanging onto her legs and begging her to stay, but I'll try to be graceful about it.)

It made me think about using the song in a layout.  I had this sweet picture of her that I hadn't used yet that I thought would be perfect for it.  What do you think? Is the right side of the layout too plain?

Click image to see a larger view

Click arrow to hear Sara Groves sing Small Piece of You

Gunhild Storeide (File Tab and torn edges)
Scrappin Cop (Worn Sanded Overlay)
The swan I did myself...a swan in flight seemed perfect.

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